Blue Lightning

Friction reduction coating for improved wire pulling efficiency!

BLUE LIGHTNING® is a proprietary, UL-listed wire pulling compound that is an available service to factory-apply a coating to the interior of Penn Aluminum Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT). It was developed to reduce the wire pulling force and to minimize the propensity of fish tapes and leaders to develop friction with the interior of Penn Aluminum EMT.

This innovative coating also offers enhanced electrical insulation and high thermal conductivity properties, helping to dissipate heat quickly. It is also not affected by freezing, thawing or extreme high temperatures, and does not deteriorate or lose lubricity with age.

While some electrical contractors prefer standard Penn Aluminum EMT, BLUE LIGHTNING® offers a reliable alternative to those who have wire pulling concerns. We have shipped millions of feet of Penn Aluminum EMT for use on major electrical construction projects throughout the country. Over a million feet
of these shipments have the BLUE LIGHTNING® coating service applied based on
requests by large electrical contractors to gain labor efficiencies on significant projects.


  • Tested and approved by UL under Category ZOKZ for wire pulling compounds
  • Clean, safe and non-staining
  • Temperature stable: can be used from -28°F to 120°F (-33°C to 49°C) and beyond
  • Electrically insulating
  • High thermal conductivity dissipates heat quickly (which is already a key benefit of Penn Aluminum EMT compared to steel EMT)